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We are a married couple that lives and raises a family in Lakewood, Ohio.  We fell in love with our community and wanted to create a unique business that isn't just another coffee shop.  We wanted to create a business where we would get to know our patrons and they would get to know us.  A place where all people feel welcomed and appreciated during the time they spent with us.  We wanted to create a business that cared about the people we sourced from and looked exclusively to local suppliers, in order to support other small, family operated businesses.  


We scrutinize not only the products we use, the ingredients that are in them, but; how they are produced.  We value hard-work and there is nothing we won't do to deliver a better product, and serve our customers in the best manner that we can.  We love to have feedback and are not afraid to try new things to give our patrons the experience that they come to us for.  


We have been asked many times about why we chose our name, Addicted.  We joked about the fact that we sell coffee and ice cream, caffeine and sugar; things that people joke about being addicted too.  And after many discussions regarding the name, I looked up the word addicted in the dictionary.  The second definition read; "enthusiastically devoted".  Reading that definition sealed the deal.  We talked about all the things in our life we were enthusiastically devoted to; our family, our friends, wanting to start something great, that we could pass on to our children, people in our neighborhood not only the best products, but a wonderful, unforgettable experience.

In 2019, we were given the opportunity to partner with a new Grocery chain in the area, also started as an family owned and operated business.  Dedication to quality and customer service made the partnership a naturally great fit and we decided to open 2 new stores, in Mentor and Stow, Ohio.  It has been an undertaking and labour of love, but felt that we could continue the tradition and success that we have found in our home location in Lakewood.


At Addicted, we have a creative and we'll try anything attitude.         

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